Tuesday, November 23, 2010

guest post, Five-Plus Reasons Why Writing Keeps Me (Us?) Coming Back by Brian Bujdos

Five-Plus Reasons Why Writing Keeps Me (Us?) Coming Back

A lot of us spend so much time writing that we probably never take a step back and admire what we like about plying our trade. I mean, we all enjoy the art of words, but what about writing really gets us going?

1. For me, the one reason I enjoy writing is simple – freedom! I have the freedom to carry on with my words however I want. I can take this blog in any direction, and you can’t stop me. Neither can the government (for the most part). This blog may make little or no sense to anyone, including me, in about 10 minutes, but I’m in charge here. And that’s comforting.

2. Another cool thing about writing is that our skills are constantly evolving. I believe I can be a better writer tomorrow than today. Not sure about you, but when I see a word that I’m not familiar with, I need to find out more. I am guessing most writers are that way. We are creative beings who are naturally enamored with language. For me, the language is kind of like a puzzle with no border (not so different than the Southwestern United States. Wait, this isn’t a political piece, but…)

3. Writing gives us a voice. Typically, writers have plenty to say. We enjoy communicating, and since many of us have chosen this as our profession, we like to communicate effectively. This allows us to influence other people – sometimes with the intent to change their mind, but often simply to report facts or to give them something to think about. Writers have an inherent ability and need to share something with others (or even just ourselves on occasion).

4. The Top 40 always changes. By this I mean there’s always another award-winning, or self-fulfilling story, article, blog or poem to be written. It’s kind of like the idea that hundreds of thousands of babies are born every day, but none of them look like anyone who’s already here. And to top that off, I find it interesting that I could have sat down two hours or to days later to write this “exact” blog, but it too would be quite different from what I am writing at this moment. Man, writer types are deep.

5. Writing is an escape (but you can still get paid for it). Maybe the best single thing about writing is that people will pay you to move your fingers around on a keyboard. For many writers, including myself, I feel blessed to be creative and passionate about writing – and that I can make a career out of doing what I enjoy. This may not be true for all writers, but for me, writing is an escape as well. Irrespective of the positive or negative things in my life, there’s a certain cognitive place to which writing leads me. It’s kind of like the place Bob Ross found when he painted his happy trees. Or something like that.

Of course, there are plenty of other things to enjoy about writing – such as the important contributions the written word can make in the lives of others. This might come in the form of an objective report about a horrible tragedy, or the penmanship of a captivating novel enjoyed on the beach.

If nothing else, I hope my rambling allowed you to reflect on why writing is enjoyable to you.

Brian Bujdos earned his B.A. in Journalism from Syracuse University in 1994. Brian is a guest writer and blogger for Viamedic.com, a safe U.S. medication facilitator with over 12 years of pharmaceutical experience. You can read more about Viamedic & their customer milestone of more than 1.5 million orders processed on PRweb.com.

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