Friday, February 26, 2010

miscellaneous friday updates

My daughter got braces this week. Aaack! I feel old. She looks cute. The gap in her front two teeth is gone already which is crazy. I swear it disappeared the day she got the braces.

Check out my totally awesome fingernails! I don't usually paint my nails but I was feeling fancy. I shall call this the urban goth mani.

That is flat grey (not silver) polish with black butterfly decals, hearts on the thumbs. Oh yea, I am stylin'.

We picked up young Sneaker the newly declawed feline from the vet today. No more trying to dig a hole to China through our carpet! Max has missed his baby. He's been crying all week, even more than usual. Sneaker seems to be doing reasonably well so far.

This weekend will involve lots of reading, lots and lots of reading. My sponsor has informed me that she is ordering isbn numbers this weekend. If all goes as planned, the book should be out in April or possibly May. I am both excited and terrified.

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