Friday, February 26, 2010


Have you been feeling a little too happy lately? Do you need something to bring you down from the ever-fluffy cloud nine? If you answered yes to the preceding questions, please allow me to recommend a movie to you.

Carriers stars Chris Pine of Captain Kirk/Star Trek movie fame and a few other people I didn't recognize and that guy from law and order svu. The movie is about a journey to a beach where the two brothers (Chris Pine and another guy) spent parts of their childhood. The world has been wrecked by a nasty virus. Most people are dead or contagious. Think Zombieland minus the humor and, for the most part, the action.

The story is pretty much a downward spiral of crap, bad situations getting worse and worse. I won't get into specifics but this is not a feel good flick.

And I'm not sure the title actually fits. When I think disease and the word 'carrier', I think of someone that carries a disease but doesn't show any symptoms. At least that's what I remember from health class. Whoever came up with the title didn't mean it in that way. I guess the characters were being carried around in a vehicle. Does that count?

Carriers really goes out of its way to show how cold and heartless human beings can be. By the end of the movie, I was like yes I get it, please stop beating me over the head with your played out theme.

We were really torn when deciding whether to save the movie for saturday night or watch it Wednesday, send it back and risk the next movie not coming in time for saturday. I am glad we decided to take the risk because that would have been one downer of a party night.

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