Tuesday, October 30, 2012

i'm in a bookstore, occupying yer table

Whattup, y’all? We are having some hurricane-ish sort of weather. I’m in Indiana, so we’re basically just getting some (not excessive but still annoying) wind and rain. This morning while driving out of the neighborhood, I fishtailed, then overcorrected and had to correct again. The incident set the heart racing but nothing was damaged. Mustangs are not made for wet pavement. I didn’t even pull out that fast.

Anyway, there was no movie post yesterday due to the fact that our Netflix movie went missing. We spent this weekend getting caught up on the DVR watching.

Which brings me to the most fun of today! I have a volunteer publicist. She told me not to call her that because she didn’t want people to start sending her books but I forget what she told me to call her instead. 

She is D. Moore and she got a bookstore guy to let my book hang out in his store. Woo!
Here’s a pic of it on the local author table. She also dropped off the book and took the picture cuz she’s totally awesome.

You know what you should do? You should follow her blog and her Twitter. Here are the links.

The store is run by Indy Reads, a literacy charity in Indianapolis. Here is a link for them - http://www.indyreads.org/

Be sure to check them out. People need to know how to read. 

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