Monday, February 13, 2012

Movieless Mon

I have no movie today! shocking, right? I don't think I watched any movies this weekend. We were busy and just never got around to it, I guess.

Our backup Blockbuster closed, which means we have no Blockbusters close enough to rent from on a regular basis. We get most of our movies from Netflix, so it's not a huge deal but it still sucks, nonetheless. I liked the convenience factor. They had crazy deals this weekend. We ended up buying like 20+ movies for about $30.

Im surprised that no news outlets have picked up on all the blockbuster store closings. I'm sure it will probably be most of them. Maybe everyone is just so used to seeing them as a sinking ship that no one cares. That's really sad. I miss them already.

I'm still working on the website business. I should have more on that later this week. I like the way the new site looks. It has a lot in common with the old site but is more straightforward. The home page has more of a bookshelf feel than before. There's not an actual shelf graphic, but the layout is almost shelf-like.

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