Wednesday, February 8, 2012

book working and a black keys video

Last week's sickness really slowed me down last week. However, I am feeling much better. Woo healthy!

I did an evaluation of where I stood on Sunday and was like whoa. I have some serious stuff to finish before the book is released. I do have to do one more read-thru because I made a mistake. I thought I could do a hands-off edit with a printed manuscript. That did not work. If there's writing on paper in front of me, there is a 90% chance I will scribble something on it.

So there will be one more, very quick read-thru that will take me down to the wire on the editing deadline. That's ok because I have enough time, she says hopefully. I will use the kindle this next round.

I have moved most of the website to a new home. The domain hasn't been transferred yet, however, and the wyrm page is still at the old site. I should get all that business resolved by the end of next week if all goes as planned. I wasn't able to get everything on Blogger as I had hoped. When you create pages aside from the primary blog page, they don't have the same functionality as the blog home page.

I decided to use Google sites for home base. The interface is awkward, but I can work with it. It's free too, which is always good. I'll do a post on that when everything is settled.

Have I mentioned my love of The Black Keys? Their music is just this gritty, beat-heavy rock and roll, genius, really. They put out a new video for Gold on the Ceiling, which is one of my favorite songs on the new album. I embedded it below for your viewing and listening enjoyment.

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