Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I wrote some words. I know I said I wouldn't write anything until I got at least one book out, but my notes were just sitting there looking at me all pitiful-like with puppy eyes. It's not a start of the next book though, not really, so all will be fine. I won't start and stop in the middle again. I promise I learned my lesson.

The piece I worked on is going to be a fiction freebie and companion to the next book I plan to write. The title right now is Llewyn's Faith. It's sort of a prologue to the story but not actually part of the book. Llewyn is the protagonist in prologue and an antagonist in the book. That's right, chew on that bit for a minute. Flavorful, yes?

The big project this week is the wyrm cover. I decided not to use the graphic I created initially or the second graphic, both of which I do actually like. I just decided to go with a more minimalist approach. It's going to be awesome. I won't give up all the details yet because surprises are fun, but I will say there is a skull involved.

I hope to finish by this weekend but the going is slow. I'll explain why once the thing is finished.

Still waiting to get the Wyrm book back from the editor. patiently. waiting.

Grouchy Moo does not wish to be bothered.

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