Monday, September 26, 2011

movie: Take Me Home Tonight

This weekend, we watched Take Me Home Tonight. How 80s-alicious was that flick? The answer is v-e-r-y.

The movie takes place in the late 80s. Matt (Topher Grace) hears that the girl he crushed on in high school is coming back to town. His twin sister, Wendy (Anna Farris), and his friend Barry (Dan Fogler) convince him that he should ask her out at a Labor Day Party. He starts lying about his job, etc. to impress her and manages to get her attention. Hijinks ensue.

There was nothing exceptional about Take Me Home Tonight. There were a lot of 80s movie clich├ęs, which was probably intentional. It was a bit chick-flick-y and predictable, but it was funny in parts. The soundtrack is rad to the max with 80s hits.

Take Me Home Tonight is ok. It gets a C+ with extra points for having a bangin’ soundtrack.

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