Friday, July 9, 2010

indie review - Billy Young's Bublos

by: Billy Young
pp. 240 pages
available at

A man falls victim to brutal murder. Joe, one of the men who is hired to clean out his apartment, finds a book that contains strange writing. Joe feels drawn to the book and takes it home with him. He winds up at the center of a conflict between an angel and a couple of demons.

One thing this book has going for it is how easily relatable the main character is. Joe is your ordinary guy thrust into an extraordinary situation. He reacts the way most people would probably react to the circumstances put upon him.

Too, the supporting characters have distinct and believable voices. The angel 'sounds' like an angel, Joe sounds like a regular guy, etc.

While another revision might allow the author to shorten some too long sentences and enhance the story, the novel has a strong premise. Angels and demons vie for possession of a book protected by a flawed human being. That is an interesting concept.

Bublos is available for purchase at the link below!

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