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Here the dealeo

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I am sometimes, ok often, indecisive when it comes to important things.

I recently decided to head in a different direction with my novel, She Who is Vengeance.

Why? Well, I think the title is too long and probably sort of weird. If a title for something I've written doesn't hit me right off the bat, then I have trouble with it.

I liked this title originally because it applied to both the protagonist and the antagonist in different ways. I dig a double meaning. Most of the later chapters in the book, Part 4 and beyond if I remember correctly, also have double meanings. There are two joined story lines, and the names apply to each of the linked stories in some kind of way. The exception to that may be the part entitled Pharaoh.

Ok, so back to the name change.

I wanted a shorter, easier, possibly more marketable title.

Tiamat, my antagonist, is a goddess that I took from Babylonian mythology. She is a dragon.

The new title is Babylon Dragon. Easier, straight-forward, and it gives some indication as to what the book is about. I also wanted a black cover and a bigger font.

Here is the new cover.

Could this title/cover change cause some confusion in the near future? Possibly. But transferring the book to CreateSpace on Amazon gave me an excuse to monkey around with my book again.

I would like to add that transferring the print version to CreateSpace has a few advantages. First, I could make the book $5 cheaper than the retail distribution copy (2nd edition) would have been through lulu. For a book, that is a huge price difference.

Plus, judging by what I've seen so far, I will actually make more money per copy by cutting out the lulu middle man. I'm not a greedy girl, but if there's an option that benefits my readers AND me, I'm jumping on it.

Babylon Dragon is currently available for $2.50 on SmashWords.

The print version is coming soon to Amazon.

Have a totally awesome holiday weekend! Happy 4th!!!

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