Monday, January 11, 2010

the tale of the movie I will never see

ugh, despite my best efforts, monday is upon me. it sits on my soul like a chubby guy in a velvet jogging suit. LOL, ok bad comparison. Writing can't always be brilliant, otherwise we wouldn't have any frame of reference when we read something good.

The Life Aquatic is a movie that came out in 2004, and it stars Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, and Anjelica Houston among others. Despite the fact that I really wanted to see it, I didn't think about the movie when it first came out on DVD. I have no idea why. Maybe I didn't realize it was released, whatever. A couple of years later, I remembered the movie and I began to hunt around for it. I searched at Blockbuster and my library. I couldn't find the darn thing.

Then came the Netflix account.

I thought, this is my chance. I will get to see the elusive Life Aquatic. The disc came in the mail last week! We watched about an hour of the movie and it is very weird. The scenery is very spongebob kitsch with bright colors and a sort of retro feel. Also, there is claymation sea life. weird. The actors do well, but the script is meh. Anyway, so we were watching the movie and it stopped playing about an hour into it. Our DVD player is junky, so we assumed that was the problem. It was not. My husband removed the disc from the DVD. There was a dent under the clear plastic. The frigging DVD is defective. We sent it back to Netflix with a note.

So again, the movie eludes. What I saw of it wasn't particularly great but it was worth finishing at least. My desire to watch this movie and subsequent failure to do so is turning into somewhat of a joke for me. And so my week begins with disappointment.


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