Wednesday, January 27, 2010

another day and green, flying orbs

I have been reading a book called Weird U.S. It's a compilation of snippets about strange places and happenings in the United States. I tried to read it straight through but I think I'm getting tired of it. In some spots, there are several 'witness accounts' about basically the same thing, like albino cannibals. How many stories do I really need to read about albino cannibals? Pale people don't hurt nobody no how.

Anywayz, on to the point. Round about 1990 something, (94, 95?) in Carmel, IN, I was sitting on the roof of a car port in our apartment complex and I saw 3 glowing, green balls in the sky. For about 3 minutes, they did this weird, flying formation, weaving around each other, and then they took off. The next day at school, I talked to some of the other kids about what I saw. One of my friends who was across town saw it too! But the validation doesn't stop there.

On p. 98 of Weird U.S. there is a bit about green fireballs floating in the sky. People witnessed the same type of objects doing similar weird things from 1948 to 1951. They were even the same color as what I saw - GREEN! How flipping crazy is that?!?!?! So, at minimum, these glowing, flare-like balls have been putting on shows for 53 years. What the heck are those things?

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