Thursday, December 17, 2009

adorable I be

This is a picture of me at the age of 5! My dad found it at his house. I love this facial expression. I think it's somewhere between snarling and smiling. Apparently, I loved having my picture taken as much then as I do now.

As for the hair, it wasn't my fault! My mother says it was a perm given to me by my grandmother and my aunt without permission. She dropped me off with normal hair and after work when she picked me up, I had morphed into one of Charlie's Angels.

I recently heard that if you want to find your perfect hair color, you should look at a childhood photo of yourself. I am totally feeling this shade. There must be something to that logic. I recently went glam rock blond, so I'll probably have to wait a while but I plan give it a go in the future.

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