Thursday, September 6, 2012


I'm listening to some rather loud thunder right now. I hope lightning doesn't hit my house. That happens in this neighborhood a lot - houses getting hit. I'm not sure why that is.

In book working news, I finished the Pestilence edit today! Woo! That took so long. I was really sick of reading my own words. Let's see, I'd planned to finish before the beginning of September. It's what, the fifth? I almost made it, I guess. 

I'm planning to enter that one in the contest amazon has every year, assuming they have it again. Y'all will vote for me, right? I can't remember if the public votes or not. I don't want to be the loser with no votes. LOL

Now I have someone else's manuscript to edit. That won't seem as daunting, I think. The book is shorter and it's not mine, so that removes some of the stress.

Ok, I think lightning just hit something very close. AAAAAAAA!

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