Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Rising Moon and Coxhall Gardens

The first pic is of the moon rising over the field behind the house. I loved how bright it was and the colors of the clouds.

The rest of the pictures are from a little park in Carmel, IN called Coxhall Gardens. We visited this weekend.

This is one of a pair of twin bell towers. There was one on each end of the park.

Just beyond that concrete doughnut is a fence that features poorly rendered naked people, and beyond that fence is an amphitheatre. We couldn't go all the way into the amphitheatre because it was rented for a wedding. This part was supposed to be closed as well. There was actually a do not enter sign behind me when I took this. I'm a rebel like that.

This is as far into the ampitheatre as we got.

Aquatic Flora

Gratuitous bee on flower shot.

This is the children's garden. It was so cute! This section was a little village. I would like to see it in summertime when the flowers are in full bloom.

I took this picture when we first arrived. I thought the view was cool.

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